Detail of a young woman's eye with make up looking through a magnification glass.
A split frame of a young man and woman lying on a white mattress.
A woman in a blue dress looking towards something she is holding in front of her.
A woman in a red dress sitting in a red arm chair, looking at the camera.
Two women in a room with flowers, one is looking at the other.
A young man looking towards a light orb, his head held in position by a machine.
A small silver liquid in the palm of a woman's hand
A woman in a blue dress, behind some orchids, looking down.
A blue shining orb is in a translucent bag placed on a woman's stomach.
A young man with a blue orb in his stomach on a sun lounger, his eyes close and a cocktail in his hand.
KEEPING THEM IN THEIR PLACE dir. Elisa Gomez prod. Universit√§t der K√ľnste