Man standing in tall grass, looking towards the sky with uncertainty.
Man standing in the kitchen, holding a glass of water.
Man walking on a sand dune against the horizon beneath giant white clouds.

3D Essay Film, 17 min, 2019
Director: Luzie Loose
Author & Director of Photography: Paul Sonntag
Production: Filmakademie BW & Filmuniversität Babelsberg

How to go on when everything has changed? A young man leaves his apartment in an old high-rise and wanders through deserted landscapes. Something is waiting for him out there, but what drives him forward is his desire to leave everything behind, even himself. A narrator recounts fragments and experiences of an everyday life following catastrophe. The 3D images are both an artistic and a narrative choice: they serve as a window into his thoughts and attempts to develop a new sense of normalcy.

Filmfest München - Neues Deutsches Kino
La Courant 3D - Prix Jury Etudiant
Beyond Festival Karlsruhe
Wild Out Festival Taiwan
Reaktor International Film Fest Vienna
Balneário Camboriú International Film Festival