THE SONG - Bani Abidi

An older Middle Eastern man sitting on an arm chair in front of a white wall.
An older middle eastern sitting in the kitchen, tuning a small transistor radio,
An older middle eastern man sitting on the edge of the bath tub in a bathroom with blue tiles.

Art Film, 22 min, 2022
Artist: Bani Abidi
Director of Photography: Paul Sonntag
Production: Marietta Auras

Commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella, Contemporary Art Society, John Hansard Gallery and Salzburger Kunstverein. Supported by Arts Council England.

If the past is a foreign country, the future is an equally strange, uncertain land. Exiled from a place of memory, people often try their best to recreate it in the present, to keep the anxiety of the future at bay. The desire is especially profound for the refugee or asylum seeker who has been violently uprooted from their homeland and has lost everything they held dear or kept near.

Neue Nationalgalerie - Berlin Art Week
Salzburger Kunstverein
Belvedere 21
Babylon - Videoart At Midnight
John-Hasard Gallery Southampton
Merano Arte
Experimenter Kolkota
Aesthetica York