THEIR FUTURE dir. Sofia Stål & Signe Raunkjær prod. Tanzhaus NRW

Young boy digging in a garden, a wall of stones with green moss behind him.
A young girl standing in the mist, with droplets of water in her hair.
Several kids, drenched in mud, playing and dancing.
A girl standing in a pool wrings the water out of a yellow piece of wet clothing.
A young boy examining a flower with a very large flashlight
Four young children standing in a garden, looking at the camera.

Video Piece for dance performance, 40 min, 2023
Director: Sofia Stål & Signe Raunkjær
Director of Photography: Paul Sonntag
Production: Tanzhaus NRW, Antje Velsinger

How do we imagine the future for coming generations? Which emotions do these ideas trigger? What are we fighting for? And what hopes have we abandoned? Based on interviews with parents and people who have decided against parenthood in the face of the climate crisis, Antje Velsinger put these questions on stage with THEIR FUTURE.

As part of the live performance, Sofia Stål & Signe Raunkjær produced and directed a short film that is responding to the choreography of the adult performers on stage by showing a glimpse into the children’s world, as if through a window - a climate capsule? Where are they, and what do they do there? Is there anybody caring for them? Do they wonder: Why did you not fight harder for us?

Tanzhaus NRW
Lichthof Theater Hamburg